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The Simple Mop is a family owned and operated small business near Toronto, Ontario. It was started during the COVID pandemic by two busy parents with young children who were looking for an easy, efficient, and eco-friendly way to clean their floors. They were having a hard time finding a mop that met all their requirements so they decided to design and manufacture their own. 

After researching, building, and testing various prototypes, they finalized their mop design to have only two wooden parts: (1) the mop head, which was made to be compatible with any standard North American broom or mop handle, and (2) the mop handle, which was designed to fit perfectly into the head for a clean look, in a 54" length to accommodate a broad range of user heights. They chose to manufacture the mops from 100% hard maple — milled predominantly from sugar maples — for the wood's aesthetic appeal, durability, and Canadian association.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an easy and effective way to mop without adding unnecessary mess, waste, or toxins to our homes and the environment. We hope to provide a simple solution to help leave the world a cleaner place for our children and all future generations.

In line with our mission, we do not use plastic packaging, encourage the use of old or thrifted cloths, and suggest buying only a mop head if you already have a compatible handle at home.

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