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  • How do I wrap a cloth around the mop head?
    Please see the video titled "How to Wrap" on our Home page.
  • What size cloth should I use for my mop?
    You can use any cloth that is big enough to wrap loosely around the mop head. A medium cloth around 16"x24" is a good size.
  • Do you sell a mop cloth?
    We do not sell a mop cloth and do not have plans to carry one. If you take a look around your home, you can probably find something to use — hand towels, dish cloths, and old t-shirts all work well. If you would like to buy a cloth for your mop, we recommend checking out your local secondhand store or thrift shop for gently used towels or cloths. Thin towels that are a little textured without looped pile, e.g., bar cloths, work well; they are not too heavy when wet and are less prone to pulling or snagging on things than regular bathroom towels.
  • What handles will fit the mop head?
    Any standard, North American, threaded broom or mop handle will fit The Simple Mop head. These are handles with 3/4"-5 Acme screw threads and can be made from wood, metal, or plastic. The handles are usually 15/16" in diameter. Here are some examples: Some handles may not fit perfectly into the head with no threads showing. If you would like a better fit, you can cut off about 1/4" from the tip of your handle or purchase The Simple Mop with a handle at one of our retail partners (see Where to Buy).
  • What are the dimensions of the mop?
    The Simple Mop head is 13"x1-3/8". The handle is 15/16" in diameter and 54" long. The screw threads are standard 3/4"-5 Acme threads.
  • How do I care for my mop?
    The Simple Mop is made from raw, unfinished wood, so it will reflect how you treat it. If you use harsh detergents or chemicals on it, it might show up as black or dark streaks. If you leave it soaking wet for a long time, it might crack as it dries out. If you treat your mop with reasonable care and common sense, it will last for decades and be in good condition to hand down to your children, grandchildren, friends, or neighbours. The Simple Mop does not need to be oiled or waterproofed, and will breathe better and be less likely to grow mold if you leave it untreated and let it dry out between uses. It will be become a little rougher after the first use with water — this is because the grain of the wood has been raised — and can be sanded down with a fine-grit sandpaper if you would like to make it smooth again. We recommend using only water to wet your cloth. If you would like to use soap, use only a few drops of pure liquid soap, preferably with no colours, fragrances, essential oils, or synthetic chemicals added.
  • Where is The Simple Mop made?
    The Simple Mop was designed in Canada and is manufactured in the United States from hard maple harvested from Canadian or American forests.


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